2023 General Terms & Conditions

Chilled and Frozen Semen

Please be aware that all semen bookings must to be done by the owner/agent online via www.belmonthousestud.com, phone bookings will not be accepted.


The online form will require owner details and owner/agent must provide the full name and registration number of the mare at time of booking. All semen must be prepaid in full before or at collection with no exceptions.


The online semen order is only definitive after confirmation with Andrea by mail, text or by phone.


IMPORTANT NOTE: By ordering and buying semen, the mare owner is agreeing IN FULL to the BHS terms and conditions as laid out in this document and is declaring to fully agree with these service and payment conditions, as well as with the stud fees.


Stud fees for stallions standing at Belmont House Stud (BHS) 2023

Livello €1400 excl VAT (chilled semen).

Stetter €700 first mare, €600 for second mare, excl VAT (chilled semen).

Mr Connery B €800 first mare, €700 for second mare, excl VAT (chilled semen)

Mr Truman B €700 first mare, €600 second mare, excl VAT (chilled semen).

Himalaya B €700 first mare, €600 second mare, excl VAT (chilled semen).

Mr Monroe B €700 first mare, €600 second mare, excl VAT (chilled semen).

Dourking Hero Z €800 first mare, €700 second mare, excl VAT (chilled semen)


2023 Terms & Conditions Frozen Semen 

Mr Quincy B €1200, excl VAT * (available by frozen semen)

Clicksem €1200 , excl VAT * (available by frozen semen)

Freeman Heureka Z €1200 excl VAT * (available by frozen semen)

Picobello van’t Roosakker €1200 excl VAT * (available by frozen semen)


Frozen semen *thisstudfee is giving the mare ownera maximum of3 attempts in 2023(on one mare) at a veterinary practice designated by Belmont House Stud.If the mare is not in foal after the 3rd attempt, youmayswitch toouravailableresident stallionsby chilled semen (free of chargefor) to try and obtain a pregnancy.Livello is excluded from this offer. 


All stallions standing at BHS are available by artificial insemination, chilled semen. Where a mare owner wants to avail of the discount price (multiple mares) the first stud fee is charged at the full price and the following mares offered at the discount price.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The following Booking/admin fees are incorporated in the stud fee’s;

Stallionexcl VATBooking/admin fee excl VAT
Mr Connery B800250
Mr Truman B700200
Himalaya B700200
Mr Monroe B700200
Dourking Hero Z800250

We offer a ‘Live Foal Guarantee’ 48 hours after birth for our resident stallions. Abortion or death of foal needs to be certified by a qualified vet in writing within 3 days of foaling/abortion.


Where a stallion is not available the following season, a substitute of our resident stallion list can be arranged.


To avail of a credit note(see booking fee list) for example if a mare was covered by Livello in 2023 and the mare is not in foal at the end of 2023, your credit note will be 1100 for 2024) for the 2024 season, it is the mare owner's responsibility to supply Belmont House Stud with a veterinary certificate by 1.10.2023. Certificates issued at a later stage will not be accepted.


Credit notes are valid for the following season only and will be issued solely for the same mare as the original contract was made (unless otherwise agreed with Andrea).


Credit notes are only valid for use on resident stallions (excl frozen semen stallions).


Chilled semen can be collected at Belmont House Stud on a day specified by BHS. Semen can be ordered daily until 10am. For optimum results we advise clients to collect the semen. Taxi service for same day delivery can be arranged via booking form. The stud fee includes up to 8 doses of semen (for one mare only) per season/year. Extra semen will be charged at extra cost.


Cooling container's will be charged at €20 each.


If stallions have a heavy breeding or competition schedule, the Stallion Owner/Agent reserves the right to send a maximum of 1 insemination dose per oestrus.


The breeding season starts on 3.4.23 and finishes on 9.9.23.


All resident stallions are normally available on; Monday, Wednesday and Friday, sometimes Saturday.


Livello according to demand, check with Andrea.


BHS staff reserve the right to refuse engagement with any client displaying aggressive or threatening behaviour.


Covering certs:

The covering certificate will not be issued or forwarded to the issuing breeding association until the stud fee(s) and other cost such as cooling boxes and shipping is paid in full.


Frozen semen:

For more information about the sale of frozen semen (pregnancies achieved with frozen semen) please contact Andrea Etter.



Mare owners intending to do ICSI MUST specify so when ordering semen. Special conditions apply, please contact Andrea Etter for further information.


Embryo Transplantation (ET) and freezing of Embryos.

Mare owners intending to do ET and/or freeze embryos MUST specify so when ordering semen. Special conditions apply for the use of chilled and frozen semen from our stallions for ET/ freezing of embryos. Please contact Andrea Etter for further information.

If no embryo(s) is(are) found, new semen (for a maximum of 3 cycles) may be ordered for this mare, provided that a veterinary declaration from the embryo centre is submitted confirming the embryo flush after the previous insemination was negative.

If from one insemination more than one embryo is flushed and or frozen, the additional stud fee will be charged when the transplantation is positive.



Belmont House Stud accepts no liability whatsoever for damage, sickness or injury to people, animals, transportation or otherwise.

Stud fees will not be reimbursed! Clients will be offered a credit note or alternative stallion as stated clearly in terms and conditions.

Attempted fraud committed by any mare owner or agent will incur an unconditional fine of €2500 per attempt, in addition to the outstanding stud fee to be paid in full.