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Belmont House Stud

‘Breeding & Producing Future Champions’ - This philosophy forms the foundation of Belmont House Stud’s breeding program for showjumpers, eventers, American hunters and ponies.

Andrea was born and raised in Switzerland and has built Belmont House Stud into one of Ireland’s most well-respected stud farms. Andrea competed for Switzerland on the European Junior and Young Riders teams and has trained with various top professionals such as Daan Nanning in Holland, Katie and Henry Monahan-Prudent in the United States, as well as at home at Etter Sportpferde AG. Alongside that of her father Gerhard Etter, who she describes as her ‘life-long mentor’, her riding and coaching skills have been shaped by the likes of George Morris, Thomas Fuchs, Michel Robert and Philippe Guerdat. Andrea is a respected EFI Level 2 Coach for showjumping, eventing and dressage. She studied Equine Science at the University of Limerick and is also a qualified saddler. She is fluent in Swiss-German, German, French and English.


“Belmont House Stud is my life's work. All my heart and soul goes into it and the passion and love for horses move me to do my best every day." - Andrea Etter


Seamus Sherlock

Life Partner

Coming from a successful GAA family, Seamus enjoys a variety of field sports. Having been raised on a mixed farm Seamus opted to go down the beef production route. As well as managing a suckler cow herd, Seamus has discovered a passion for horses. Not only is he interested in breeding and showjumping, but also looking after the horses. He lends a helping hand in the day to day running of the farm.


Etter Sportpferde AG is a family business with a long tradition around the sale, training and breeding of sport horses for all levels. Nurturing a long association and tradition with horses, the Etter family needs little introduction within the equestrian world. The family and business are headed by Gerhard and Hedi Etter, who share all of their knowledge and passion in their work.

Gerhard Etter competed at the highest international level and has gained a strong reputation due to his vast experience and excellent eye for spotting top-quality performers and promising young horses. Using the depth of his expertise together with honesty and loyalty, Gerhard is a trustworthy advisor and the first point of contact when choosing a new horse be it for the professional sport or as an amateur. At their core business located in Switzerland, Gerhard is actively supported by his wife Hedi Etter who works alongside him and who herself had a successful career in showjumping. Gerhard and Hedi jointly established the thriving Etter Sportpferde AG and continue to be at its heart.



Gerhard and Hedi's sons Daniel and Marc and daughter Andrea, are involved closely in Etter Sportpferde AG. All three children either were or are, successfully competing on the national and international showjumping circuits and they form an active part in sustaining and expanding the family tradition.


The entire Etter family share a passion for horses and that passion remains at the centre of all of their activities. The success of Etter Sportpferde AG comes from working closely together as a unit, whilst each family member having their own niche with defined expertise from where they can support and advise each other.

‘Quality at every level’

Gerhard Etter and Hedi Etter

Etter Sportpferde AG

We always have a good selection of sport horses for sale for every level and in any price category. Please visit us - it’s worth it!


At our family centre in Switzerland, we always have a broad selection of horses for sale to suit every level. Whether you are looking for a potential showjumper for high-level international sport, for a talented youngster or a reliable amateur or junior horse, an American hunter, eventer or leisure partner, we will find the right horse for you. With us, you will benefit from Gerhard Etter’s lifelong experience and expertise.

He has an excellent eye for good horses and the ability to assess which horse will best meet your expectations and requirements. You will obtain professional, as well as honest advice in choosing your new sport horse. Gerhard Etter competed internationally in showjumping at the highest level and was selected twice for the Olympics and many other Swiss team duties. He also has experience on the breeding side having stood stallions such as Wandango which was one of the most influential stallions in Switzerland. Two of Gerhard’s many finds were Cylana and Admirable. Cylana, the mare with which then eighteen-year-old Reed Kessler jumped at the Olympics and also Admirable, Marie Pellegrin’s very successful horse. Gerhard Etter sourced many top showjumpers for Europe and hunters and jumpers for the American market. One of his particular strengths is the ability to find a horse that is completely suitable for his client.


And, as is so often the case, there is a strong woman behind a successful man! Hedi Etter who also competed successfully in showjumping works alongside her husband and ensures the smooth running of all activities.


The Etter family business has a long tradition that stretches back to 1936. The family’s connection with horses goes back generations on both sides of the family. Gerhard’s father, Werner Etter, dealt in horses - in particular Swiss bred Freiberger and also horses from Poland. Likewise Hedi’s father, Hans, also dealt in Freiberger horses and horses from Poland.


Gerhard Etter

+41 79 250 20 94

Hedi Etter

+41 79 208 28 04


Marc Etter

Horse sales – Events and Event equipment – Livery – Vehicles

Marc Etter is an international course builder. He also organizes shows or sales events and supplies show equipment for sale or rent, through his own company Etter Events.

Marc +41 79 448 06 84


Daniel Etter

Etter Sportstall AG
Showjumping – Training - Sales

Daniel Etter always has a selection of horses available for sale. Besides Dani’s activity concerning the selling of horses, he competes internationally in showjumping at the highest level. Dani spends a lot of his time training young talented horses and coaching students, with many of them having reached the very highest level.

Daniel +41 79 250 38 76